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A Letter from Nick & Danielle

Hello, We are two college sweethearts who are so excited to become first time parents! We live in Virginia in a lovely coastal beach town across the street from the ocean with our two black lab dogs, Harlow and Penelope. We live a life of hard work, fun, and adventure, filled with lots of laughter and love.

We have always known we wanted adoption to be part of our family – we just didn’t know when. After years of infertility, several rounds of IVF, and pregnancy loss (our baby girl and our twins), we feel God is telling us now is the time. We would love to have an open adoption with you based on your comfort level.

Our Lives Together

We both have careers in the United States Navy. We spend our free time boating, relaxing on the beach, taking ski trips to the mountains, and traveling around the world. We love spending time together and, during the week, we make it a priority to cook and have a family dinner together every evening. We look forward to continuing this tradition with our child, as we both have fond memories of sharing meals with family. In the evening, we enjoy going for bike rides and walks around our neighborhood with our two sweet dogs. We often spend time with our friends and family at the local farmer’s market, on day trips to the beach, and on pizza night making pizzas in our neighbors’ outdoor pizza oven. We are excited to include our child in all of our fun and look forward to playing games, snuggling at bedtime, laughing through bubble baths, and reading plenty of bedtime stories to them.

Our Home in Virginia

We built our 4-bedroom house last year with our growing family in mind. We have a nursery already set up and ready for our child! It has a wonderful backyard with room to play and lots of extra rooms for our family. We are just a block away from the beach and have a park just down the street from us. We are surrounded by a supportive community of family and friends, both inside and outside of our local church. Our neighborhood is filled with wonderful, fun loving people from all walks of life, and their children. Most of our friends have young kids and we are excited for our child to grow up alongside them!

Meet my husband, Nick

Nick is one of the most kind-hearted, hardworking, and intelligent people I have ever met. In his career, he sets high goals for himself and works hard to achieve them. He has a goal of someday commanding a U.S. Navy ship and I have no doubt he will do that. When not working hard out at sea, he enjoys working hard in the weight room, going on hikes, camping, and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

As hard as he works at his job, he works even harder when it comes to family. Nick values family over everything and it shows through his words and actions. I know he is excited to be a dad and looks forward to passing on these values to our child. It is very apparent to me that he will be a wonderful dad!

Meet my wife, Danielle

Danielle is the most caring, intelligent, and attentive person I have ever met. She never forgets a birthday or special occasion and has a heart for others. Danielle has a vibrant laugh, a warm personality, and a strong work ethic in the Navy. She has the drive to be successful and will always go the extra mile for people. She strives for excellence in all that she does and helps others achieve their goals.

Danielle loves to design and her creative mind is always shining through with fun new ideas for our house. She loves HGTV and adores being at the water- be it the beach or out on the boat.

Danielle looks forward to instilling a strong work ethic in our child as well as showing them the joy of helping others in need. She is an amazing woman, an amazing wife, and I know she will be an amazing mother.

Our Family

Family is everything to us. In addition to our large extended families, filled with great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, our child will have two sets of loving grandparents. Our child will be our parent’s first grandchild and our grandparent’s first great-grandchild- they are all thrilled! They are excited to spoil our child with love and affection! They are most looking forward to spending holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with our child and watching them grow!

We love spending time with our families on special occasions weekends, holiday gatherings, and family vacations. It is always a great time when we can all get together – we can’t wait for our child to join in on the fun!

Our Promise

We promise you that your child will have a life full of amazing experiences and endless adventures. We promise you that they will grow up in a nice house, with their own room, receive a great education, be surrounded by family and friends, and never go without. Most of all, we promise to love your child from day one and forevermore. We are excited to share our life with your child and all of its blessings!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Nick & Danielle

  Nick Danielle
Our EducationBachelor's Degree (U.S. Naval Academy) and Master's Degree (Naval Post Graduate School)Bachelor's Degree (U.S. Naval Academy) and Master's Degree (Georgetown University)
Our ProfessionsActive Duty Naval Officer (Ship Officer)Active Duty Naval Officer (Public Relations Officer)
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian/ Hispanic
Some of Nick & Danielle's Favorites
HolidayIndependence DayChristmas
HobbyWorking outHome design
Ice Cream FlavorSea Salt with CaramelMint Chocolate Chip
Board GameMonopolyScrabble
Childhood MemoryFamily camping tripsGoing boating and skiing with my family
Thing about my spouseHer drive to succeed His big heart
More About Our Family
Our Faith

Faith is an important part of our lives. While struggling for many years with infertility and pregnancy loss, we really relied on our faith to get us through those challenging times. Today our faith is stronger than ever because of it. We belong to a local Catholic church not far from our home.

Family Fun

We believe in working hard but we also believe in having FUN. Here are a few things we like to do for fun:

Going to the beach: Living just blocks away from the beach lets us go very frequently! We love to meet up with friends and family there. Sometimes we even bring the pups!

Boating: We are members of our community boat club which lets us go boating whenever we would like! We love entertaining on the boat or just going for an afternoon ride.

Hiking: We love to go hiking - mostly for the views at the top!

Camping: We love to travel to different National Parks throughout the country to go camping - it is truly an amazing experience! We are looking forward to having our little one join us!

Bike Riding: We love to ride our beach cruisers on the beach and around our neighborhood!

Traveling: With our careers in the Navy, we have been given the opportunity to travel all over the world - to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia and Africa. We plan on continuing to travel the world, always bringing our children along with us. We try to take an international vacation once per year and travel throughout the United States as often as we can. We can’t wait for our children to travel with us!

Going out to dinner or to the movies: We love to go out to dinner and try new restaurants in our neighborhood. We are also avid movie-goers and always love to go see new releases in theaters. We can’t wait to take our future children to see Disney and Pixar movies!

Family Traditions

We have carried a lot of family traditions from our own upbringings into our own family. Here are some of our family traditions:

Friday night pizza and movie night: On Fridays we make homemade pizza together and then eat it while watching a movie on the couch. Sometimes followed by ice cream - on Friday nights we treat ourselves!

Family dinners: We have family dinners together every night! This gives us the opportunity to transition from our work day (and our future child’s school day) and come together as a family for the rest of the evening.

Family vacations: We try to travel as often as we can to new places, but there are some vacations we do over and over! Every summer we (try to) travel to Montauk to spend a week at the beach with Danielle’s entire side of the family. We try to go on a ski trip every winter with Danielle’s parents and brother. And, of course, Disney World! We can’t wait to bring our child to Disney World someday.

Holiday Traditions and Birthdays: We love our holiday traditions and are always looking for opportunities to create new ones! On New Years Eve we play board games until the ball drops, on the 4th of July we host a big party at our house and watch the fireworks, and for Christmas traditions, well there are too many to document!

While the annual Army Navy Football Game isn’t a holiday in all households, in our house it is. Every year we host a big party at our home to watch the game with all of our Navy family and friends.

For birthdays, the birthday person gets to choose their favorite meal and cake of their choosing!

Parent Child Date Night: While this isn’t a tradition that is currently in place, we can’t wait to implement this one once we have a child of our own. We will both take turns taking the child out on a date to spend one-on-one time with that child. We hope to continue this when we have more children as well, so we are always getting that alone time together with them.

Our Values

We value kindness, compassion, and hard work. We hope to raise a child with our values in mind, instilling in them the importance of having a kind heart, being humble, and working hard in everything they do. We both strongly believe in the importance of education, as we both have master’s degrees. We both believe in the importance of sports and teamwork, as we both played Division One college lacrosse. Because of our service to the nation, we are both eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which gives each of us a fully paid undergraduate college degree. Since we both already have degrees we have set these aside to ensure our children’s college is paid for.

We believe in the value of learning about other cultures, in our own neighborhood and around the world, which is why traveling is an active part of our life. With our careers in the Navy, we have been given the opportunity to travel all over the world - to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Australia and Africa. We plan on continuing to travel the world, always bringing our children along with us.

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In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are so grateful to you for even considering us. We have a wonderful marriage, a beautiful home, and two great careers- all things we are excited to share the benefits of with our child. We would love to get to know you and build a relationship where we can all support one another throughout this journey. When we began our adoption journey someone said to us that the best part about our child having a birth mother in their life is that it is one more person to love them - and we feel that couldn’t be more true. Love, Danielle and Nick

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